Everyone has the pain and anger inside... we are going to be liberated tomorrow. It’s all going to explode.

Joshua Duah


“If people have worked for you for 12 hours a day for all these years, don’t you appreciate the work that they’ve done for you for all these years? Instead of increasing their wages, you slash their money and when they complain, you fire them. Is it fair? No.”
-Joshua Duah

The Dishes campaign came about as the direct result of the Hot & Crusty Campaign. The workplace justice campaign at Dishes, an upscale midtown Manhattan restaurant, that began in March, 2013. Consisting of African, Latinos, and Asian workers, the Dishes campaign brings together workers from around the world, demonstrating that unity among diverse workers is possible. After attending the Leadership Development Institute, workers gained skills that helped them win respect from the community, including Dishes owners, and aided them throughout the organizing process.